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Elder Abuse Awareness

Each year, more than two million adults are neglected, abused, and exploited! The sad fact: most of these cases are not reported out of fear! Fear of what will happen to them, fear of reporting their family member/friend.


  • The government stated in March 2011, that elder abuse is on the rise
  • Actor Mickey Rooney announced also in March 2011 his experience with elder abuse
  • In 2010 reports of 18,000 here in North Carolina
  • 2011=20,000+ here in North Carolina and rising
  • Every 2 minutes an elderly person is getting abused

Signs of Elder Abuse Include:

  • Bruises, burns, cuts, or scratches
  • Malnutrition
  • Untreated medical conditions
  • Unsafe or unsanitary housing
  • Mental anguish and distress
  • Mistrust toward others
  • Mismanaged property, finances or savings
  • Inability to provide needed care

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