Friendly Caregivers sponsors a segment with Ben Ball called “Senior Moments” on Fridays. In this episode, Carol Stone (administrator, Friendly Caregivers) Pete Wiley, (Medical Park Pharmacy), and Madison Hoover (UNC school of Pharmacy) discuss medications and have some information that can help your loved ones. The FDA has had more than 95,000 reports of medication errors since 2000. With the development of new medications, new uses for medications, and the aging population these events are likely to grow, but we can take steps to prevent medication errors like:

Keep Lists of medications

Ask questions, a Pharmacist counsels about appropriate medication use

Keep up with blood testing by doctors

Take pain relievers and antibiotics as directed

Medication Errors are preventable and with some of these tools you can have some peace of mind that your loved ones are safe and taking their medication appropriately.


Here is a “Senior Moment” with Ben Ball 107.1 at 7:30am on Friday Mornings



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