Seniors sometimes become withdrawn and don’t socialize. Often, seniors don’t even realize their lack of socialization, especially after the passing of a spouse, or family member. Humans are social creatures and interacting with others, having a community, or a group of peers, makes us much happier and healthier. In this Senior Moment, loneliness is the topic. It has some… Read more »

Alcohol/Substance Abuse in the Elderly Community

April is Alcohol Awareness Month and it’s a topic not usually discussed but substance abuse in the elderly population happens more than people think. Here Ben Ball, Pat Wesson, and Ray Connor (Pastor of Life Point Church) talking about this issue in a “Senior Moment”.  

In the Community

Friendly Caregivers will be participating in the Backpack Buddie program this year.  The Backpack Blessing program is a ministry of Loaves and Fishes of Beaufort and provides food for the weekend for approximate-ly 130 children at Beaufort, Smyrna, Atlantic, Harker’s Island Elementary Schools and East Carteret High School whose families struggle with food needs…. Read more »


Making decisions about how you want things to end for yourself, or for a family member, is a touchy subject, but it is important. People sometimes feel that if it is discussed then they have to admit that it will happen. We can’t choose when we leave this world, but we can control some things to… Read more »

Things to look for when finding an agency:

Make sure that the agency has a state license. “Just because someone has a business card, does not mean they are accredited or bonded”. Check with your state DHHS to make sure the agency is licensed. Ask them if they have heard any feedback regarding local companies. Check with your local doctor, or adult care… Read more »

Signs your loved ones need help

Some times when we don’t see our loved ones often enough, and it is hard to see the signs that they may need help. Many times they feel that they are “fine” and don’t need help, or are too embarrassed admit that they can’t do what they used to. For some, if they admit they… Read more »


Friendly Caregivers sponsors a segment with Ben Ball called “Senior Moments” on Fridays. In this episode, Carol Stone (administrator, Friendly Caregivers) Pete Wiley, (Medical Park Pharmacy), and Madison Hoover (UNC school of Pharmacy) discuss medications and have some information that can help your loved ones. The FDA has had more than 95,000 reports of medication… Read more »

Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse Awareness Each year, more than two million adults are neglected, abused, and exploited! The sad fact: most of these cases are not reported out of fear! Fear of what will happen to them, fear of reporting their family member/friend. Facts The government stated in March 2011, that elder abuse is on the rise… Read more »

Socks for Seniors Campaign

Friendly Caregivers sponsors Socks for Seniors as a community service project during the holiday season. The dates are Nov. 15th thru Dec. 15th. We will be collecting new socks for both men and women. Socks for Seniors is a nationwide campaign in its 11th year and run by volunteers across the country. With the aging… Read more »