How to Prevent Falls

Did you know that 75 percent of all falls occur in the home? With a few changes, you can decrease your risk of falling at home.


Provide good, bright lighting in your home. Use nightlights in your bedroom, hall, and bathroom.


Firmly fasten rugs to the floor or use non-skid backing. Tack down loose ends.

Electrical Cords

Check all cords so they are not lying on the floor in walking areas. Do not run cords under rugs.


Install grab bars in your bathroom for support when moving on or off the toilet, or stepping into the tub or shower. Consider using a seat in the shower for a safe, stable position while washing.


Add handrails to both sides of the stairwell. Be sure that stairs are well lit.


Store items within easy reach. Organize items close to where you use them. Avoid using stepladders.


Phone should be within easy reach to place and answer calls. Cordless or cell phones are ideal for accessibility.


Wear shoes with firm non-skid soles. Avoid wearing loose-fitting slippers.


Ask your pharmacist or home health nurse to review your medications.

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