A Message From Our Owners

Friendly Caregivers was created when we found ourselves living hours away from our aging parents. Having more than 40 years of experience handling up to 40 offices in many states and over 100 direct employees, gave us the confidence that home care could be managed better. We saw home care from a consumer perspective instead of a care provider perspective.

Friendly Caregivers was founded on the belief that policies, procedures, regulations, recruiting, hiring and placing caregivers with above average salaries will lead to reduced turnover and more stability for your loved ones. We understand that the dignity of your family member must remain intact.

Our desire is to raise the bar on industry standards. We can say with confidence that our agency will not send a caregiver unless we feel that person would be appropriate to care for one of our family members. We value your trust and promise to give you the peace of mind you desire.


Ronald and Jerry Stone, Owners