Know the Staff

Jerry Stone, Partner/Administrator
Ronald Stone, Partner

The brothers come from a staffing industry background, operating one of the largest staffing companies in the Southeast. Mega Force Staffing employs over 3,000 individuals daily.

In 2008, they made the decision to take that knowledge, level of service, and passion, to Friendly Caregivers. They also brought firsthand experience, as did their wives, with caring for aging parents.

Jerry and Ronald bring a love of family and their personnel background to the “Friendly Family” of healthcare companies. Friendly Caregivers provides compassion, expertise in homecare, reliable medical transportation, and a resource and training center that encourages the community to learn more about the resources available to them.

The goal is to provide peace of mind to clients and their families. Friendly Caregivers also provides training and opportunities to its caregivers…the backbone of the company!

Jerry is a graduate of Methodist University, and holds a BA in Business Administration. Ronald attended Chowan and Guilford Colleges.

Co-Administrator: Carol Stone, BS Special Education

A former classroom teacher, teacher of the year and program coordinator, Carol comes with a passion for helping anyone with a challenge. “Although a school term, I believe that the “least restrictive environment” can also apply to anyone with a limitation, no matter what the age! Keeping people at home, where they are most content, is our goal. We strive to provide them with the best plan of care and a compassionate caregiver who will make certain they are happy, safe, and secure. I believe that teamwork is the best way, and I rarely make a decision without first consulting other staff members. Everyone on our management team has value!”

Operations Manager: Malina Murray

Malina started with Friendly Caregivers in the beginning. Learning from the ground up has given her the opportunity to move through the ranks of Friendly Caregivers. She started as a coordinator, moved to senior coordinator, and now as the operations manager, she is considered the most knowledgeable person in the office! She not only handles the daily operation of Friendly Caregivers, she assists with payroll, handles billing and insurance, and assists with all hiring and staffing matters. She is always cheerful and willing to help with any questions.

Senior Coordinator: Michael Bland, CNA I

Michael started with Friendly Caregivers in 2009 working as a certified nursing assistant in the field. His work ethic and willingness to help was a huge asset! When the time came to look for a new coordinator in the Morehead City office, it was a “no brainer” that Michael would be the choice! He heads up the hiring of new caregivers and does an excellent job. He also manages the placement of caregivers with clients. Michael is always available to assist the coordinators in the other offices when they need help, or encouragement. He is very good with the clients and always maintains a level of calm…no matter the circumstance!


Polly Dickson, BA Education, BSN, RN

Polly comes to us with qualifications that made her the perfect choice to teach our training class! With her background in education, as well as her nursing experience, she brings a lot to the table. The training class is part of the hiring process, and Polly is very good at determining who will be a good fit, not only for Friendly Caregivers, but who is best suited for certain clients. Polly has a lot of energy and is always looking for ways to improve her class and everything that makes Friendly Caregivers the best agency for the people we serve! She came to Carteret County from Chapel Hill where she worked in the Jaycee Burn Center at UNC for 16 years. Polly also moved in with her father when he needed care and is acutely aware of client needs and how they should be treated.

Lynda Keltner, RN

Lynda has worked as a nurse for over 30 years. She is willing to take on any task that is asked of her and truly enjoys her time spent traveling Carteret County, to surrounding counties, with clients and their families. She is exceptionally good with caregivers, when they have questions, and is always willing to step in and teach a class, if, or when, the need arises. Lynda is taking care of her elderly father so she understands the frustration that can cause. She wants to help make sure “adult children” get what they need in order to provide quality care. Lynda understands the need for someone else to step in and give the “adult child” a break.